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Executive Search & Selection

When your organisation requires an individual with a specific set of skills and a proven track record that enables him/her to hit the ground running to fill a critical position then McMahon people Solutions have the ability and experience to deliver on the assignment.

As we recruit senior executives in all industries, across all functions it is usually necessary to target the passive candidates who could be open to a new opportunity but not proactively seeking to move.  Our Executive Search methodology enables us to attract these candidates as well as the active ones and therefore maximizing the exposure of the vacancy.

The complete recruitment process will be managed from the initial meeting where core values and corporate culture are identified to the negotiation of all aspects of candidate offer including compensation and relocation.


Due to company policy i.e. Affirmative Action Scheme, which requires you to advertise your vacancy/vacancies directly, McMahon People Solutions can facilitate a complete selection programme from:

  • Designing of Selection Method
  • Provision of Psychometric Tests
  • Preparation of interview format and Questions
  • Conducting Structured interviews

For full details on these services please contact Kieran on 07849881492

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