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HR Consultancy

Preparation of Policies and Procedures

Breaches of employment law can have major repercussions on an organisation. As well as financial implications it also harms the ‘Employer Brand’ which creates difficulties when a company is looking to attract talent.

As HR legislation is daunting for many managers, McMahon People Solutions provides support and guidance to prevent costs and compensation claims by advising, developing and preparing:

  • Contracts of employment
  • Main Statement of Terms & Conditions
  • Redundancy Procedures
  • Discipline and Grievance Procedures
  • Absence procedures
  • NI Equality commission returns and
  • Advice on NI Fair employment

Staff Development

McMahon People Solutions provide structured and tailored approaches to our clients in order to retain and develop their employees through advising, designing and supporting the implementation of :

  • Performance Management Systems
  • Pay and Reward Systems
  • Induction Programmes and
  • Identification of Training Needs

Employee Relations

Employee relations activity is to reconcile the different interests of the employer and the employee so as to assist the organisation in achieving its business and social objectives.

At McMahon People Solutions we advise and guide employers on:

  • Substantive Issues
        such as pay, holidays and family friendly policies; and
  • Procedural issues
        Such as grievance and disciplinary matters.

Handling Investigations

All organisations have the potential to be susceptible to internal grievances and disciplines and as a result thorough investigations must be carried out.  At McMahon People Solutions we have a process approach to the handling of investigations and we will conduct the investigation from the outset by:

  • Develop a thorough investigation plan
  • Prepare for and conduct investigatory interviews
  • Evaluating of evidence objectively
  • Compiling a detailed and thorough report

The benefits of such an approach help provide settlement of disputes internally rather than incurring the direct and indirect costs of Tribunals and provides he basis of future preventative measures.

Redundancy & Outplacement Support

The current global economic downturn is affecting all businesses and in order for survival, downsizing and making redundancies is the only viable option. As well as providing guidance on the legal and employee relation issues surrounding redundancies McMahon People Solutions can also provide Redundancy and Outplacement support to the individuals who have been made redundant.

Outplacement services include:

  • CV Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Market research
  • Managing the Job search
  • Communication Techniques

For full details on these services please contact Kieran on 07849881492

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